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With a team committed to innovation, ethics, and superlative care, Hallmark Rehabilitation enhances the quality of life of those we serve. Our programs and support give physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and directors of rehab the resources they need to make your patients and residents as independent as possible. It is our goal to be the unparalleled provider of rehabilitation services and to become a brand whose very name brings to mind integrity, honesty and trust. We strive to “make a difference, every day, every time.”

Hallmark Rehabilitation is an outgrowth of many years of rehabilitation management experience…

Hallmark Rehabilitation provides a thorough suite of services…


Make a difference, every day, every time.


To be the unparalleled provider of rehabilitation services for the elderly.

and Values

Integrity • Honesty • Trust
Teamwork • Passion

What we offer:

  • Innovative, ethical care
  • Unparalleled rehabilitation services
  • Facilities spanning multiple states
  • Strong leadership and a qualified staff with long-term care experience
  • Dedicated support systems
  • Quality improvement prog
Firstly I would like to thank hallmarkrehabinc.com for everything you’ve done for my daughter. We’ve been to many drug and alcohol treatment centers, none of them have seemed to work. Lastly, one of my colleagues recommended this site for me to check out. I did and found my way to recovery. Now I wish to thank the whole team from the bottom of my heart for giving my daughter another opportunity to live a healthy life.

– Arlene Z

I was addicted to heroin. Due to my addiction, my mom wouldn’t speak to me. But today I have my family and I have a wonderful job. Hallmarkrehabinc gave me a wonderful opportunity to do all this and taught me how to live a sober lifestyle.

– Jessy

Before sending my husband to this recovery center, he was going to outpatient programs which didn’t work out. And then again I started looking for the best rehab and found hallmarkrehabinc which showed the road to recovery. Now I am 100 % satisfied with this center because my husband wouldn’t be where he is today.

– Flory

Hallmarkrehabinc was the final rehabilitation center that made me recover and stay sober from addiction. There is no other place I would recommend to receive the love, compassion, and understanding I experienced while here!

– Jackie

This treatment center is the most suitable place to go if you need help with your drug or alcohol addiction. The team is amazing and the rehab gives you a beautiful atmosphere. I received the help I needed and was very happy with the tools I came out with to Face the world.

– Dafny

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About Hallmark

Hallmark Rehabilitation has established a new criterion of services through sound fiscal management, quality recruitment, retention of staff, innovate programs, and ethical standards.Our dedicated professionals are committed to enhancing the quality of life, in a sensitive and caring manner, to attain the highest level of functioning.

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