Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 2nd Week

Opioid addiction treatment slow to catch on in the state

South Dakotans battling an addiction to opioids are increasingly relying on medication-assisted treatments to overcome their cravings for the dangerous drugs and to avoid potentially deadly overdoses. (

He Lost Nearly Everything To Addiction. Then An Arrest Changed His Life

Heroin started rewiring and taking control of Will’s brain in the early 2000s, as he turned 40. “Back then, if you used drugs people didn’t want anything to do with you,” Will recalls. “People gave up on me.” Will lost almost everything: jobs, his driver’s license, his car, his marriage and his home. He found enough temporary work to pay rent on a room, ate at soup kitchens, and stole and resold goods for cash. (

New Addiction Treatment Center Opens to Help Men Recover from Drug Abuse

Ohio has lost many lives to drug addiction. The most recent numbers from the state health department show a 7% increase in unintentional drug overdose deaths in 2019. A new addiction recovery program hopes to help tackle the problem in Summit County.(

People recover from addiction. They also go on to do good things

The news about addiction — rising rates of addiction, record numbers of overdose deaths, and the like — tends to be bleak. As clinicians and researchers, however, we have the good fortune to often see its bright side: recovery. (

CrossFit And Addiction Recovery

Social networks formed in CrossFit gyms have been found to influence how much high-intensity exercise is preferred and tolerated while also helping create positive communities which help addiction recovery. The findings are part of Meg Patterson’s work as a social and behavioral scientist (


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