Nutrient-Dense Foods

Welcome to the home of Nutrient-Dense Foods 

rich, tasty food that delights your palate while nourishing your body and soul.

The more nutrient-dense a food, the more functional that food is … and the smarter you are for eating it.  As well as tasting great, nutrient-dense foods have health-giving properties.

On the off chance that you are looking for a superior grade, new, nutritious fixings to make extraordinarily scrumptious and quality dinners for your family and visitors, look no farther than our remarkable scope of supplement thick items. We offer the very finest nutrient-dense eggs and pure virgin olive oil, with delicious nutrient-dense apples soon to be harvested and other nutrient-dense products on the way.

All our nutrient-dense products are grown biologically in Hawke’s Bay using state-of-the-art farming systems, a best of both worlds combination of organic and conventional agriculture.  We invest heavily in our soil, enhancing the action of soil microbes and greatly increasing the capacity of the plants to produce healthy and tasty nutrient-dense products.   Find out how the harvest is going in our luscious nutrient-dense orchard this Autumn and read how our olive trees are turning the glorious Hawke’s Bay sunshine into one of the world’s finest pure virgin olive oils.