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Hallmark Rehabilitation provides a thorough suite of services, including:

  • Denials prevention and appeals management
  • Rehabilitation documentation
  • Rehabilitation policies and procedures
  • HIPAA compliance
  • State and federal survey compliance 
  • Interdisciplinary team collaboration, including:
    • Stand-up meetings
    • Case management
    • Quality indicator reviews 
    • support standards of care initiatives
  • Regulatory compliance through a quality management audit process
  • Outcome driven programs servicing the sub-acute (MCA/HMO), Long-Term Care (MCB/other), and outpatient populations

Hallmark Rehabilitation supports census development, produces rehabilitation facility brochures, and engages community awareness/support—all in the interest of making our elderly healthier and happier. Each resident’s case is monitored from pre-admission through discharge with post-discharge follow-up. Hallmark Rehabilitation partners with facilities to identify key program enhancement opportunities as it relates to Standards of Care Indicators, Long-Term Care Quality Measures, Medicare A & B programs and a Managed Care Environment. The result is optimal interdisciplinary care management and appropriate reimbursement for services provided to our elderly.

Additional Services

  • Interdisciplinary Therapy Screenings
  • Meeting Participation
    • Medicare, Family Conference,
      Care Plans
  • Inservices
    • Stroke, Hip Fracture,
      Dementia, Dysphagia
  • Safe Transfer, Gait Belt Usage,…
  • Restorative Program Development
    • Falls Prevention, Positioning, Adaptive Equipment, Range of Motion, Contracture Management, …
  • Responsive Local Management
  • Ongoing Quality Management
  • Appeals Indemnification
  • PPS and MDS Expertise and Education


About Hallmark

Hallmark Rehabilitation has established a new criterion of services through sound fiscal management, quality recruitment, retention of staff, innovate programs, and ethical standards.Our dedicated professionals are committed to enhancing the quality of life, in a sensitive and caring manner, to attain the highest level of functioning.

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